What I love about my house in Spain

What do you think about the view?

Shall we go inside?

In this part of Spain, deep in Andalusia, patios such as this are not uncommon. They served as communal areas for the vecinos (neighbours) who lived in separate units of the same building and would come together to chat and relax on cool evenings. In those days, the patio was uncovered.

There are no vecinos living here any more but I’m happy to say I don’t have the house all to myself. Apart from family, the house also lends itself to travellers from far and wide.

Below is one of the rooms in the upstairs apartment. The house itself is 500 years old and its supporting walls are more than half a metre thick so as to maintain warmth in Winter and coolness in Summer.

The terrace, shown above, is really rather special!

I greatly enjoy accompanying guests up those black steps leading to the mirador (viewpoint). From there we can see right around the town, and across to the lake:


Now that what I call a ‘Wow factor’!

Do come and stay. You can find out more about the house here.

Until next time readers,


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