What Flipping the Classroom means to me

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3 Responses

  1. Absolutely brilliant! In a summary, PERSONALISATION is what it is all about.

    For me, its the independence they develop through discovery and self paced learning outside of the classroom. Setting a Flipped Learning task before the start of the next lesson allows the students to get a head start on their learning. Why should we keep what we are trying to teach them a secret, or be afraid that they already may understand what we are about to teach them?

    By allowing them to research, discover and develop what they know through Flipped Learning, time spent in the classroom can be focused on deeper learning, applying and extending what they know rather than introducing them to the new concepts!

    Excellent post Jim; short, sharp and too the point. Online professional development at its best.

    Best regards

    Paul @ PE4Learning

  2. Jim Porter says:

    Thank you Paul.

    Your comment suggests there’s another aspect here, which is that students can teach a thing or two themselves to fellow students as well as the teacher, if they prime themselves in advance of the lesson


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