Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Thank you for your interest in www.speekee.com. We want you to have the best possible experience with Speekee. In order to use www.speekee.com you must accept these following Terms of Use. If you don’t understand these Terms of Use, you should review them with your grown-ups. Grown-ups who grant permission for their children to use www.speekee.com, you also need to adhere to these terms, and make sure that your children do as well.

These Terms of Use apply to all and any use of www.speekee.com and all and any postings, emails and other communications made to or using www.speekee.com or any services run by Lingua4 Ltd. If you use www.speekee.com, or let your children use www.speekee.com, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use. Grown-ups, you agree that your children will follow the Terms of Use too. If you – grown-ups or children – don’t accept these Terms of Use, you should not use www.speekee.com. You must read the Speekee Rules, which are the succinct guiding principles of behaviour for users of www.speekee.com. You must also follow the Speekee Rules, to help ensure a safe and positive experience for all on www.speekee.com. The Speekee Rules are a part of these Terms of Use, but they are only a part.

The Speekee Rules

  1. Follow the Rules! If we think you have violated the Speekee Rules, these Terms of Use, or have otherwise broken the law or behaved inappropriately, we may terminate your account. We reserve the right to monitor any and all use of www.speekee.com, and reserve the right to remove, change or refuse to post any material. However, Lingua4 Ltd does not necessarily monitor any materials posted, transmitted, or communicated to or within the site.
  2. Be super respectful! Don’t bully people, swear, or do anything inappropriate to make people feel uncomfortable. Don’t put anything on the site anything that is mean, illegal, or might hurt someone, (we sometimes call this stuff “unlawful, harmful, tortuous, defamatory, libelous, obscene, invasive of the privacy of another person, threatening, harassing, abusive, hateful, racist, infringing, or otherwise objectionable or inappropriate”). Don’t include anything that infringes the rights of a third party, including that party’s trademark, copyright, patent, trade secret or other intellectual property rights. Don’t try to register as your user name a bad word, your own name, or someone else’s name. Don’t attempt to submit any viruses, malware or illegal materials. If you break this Rule, we reserve the right to take appropriate action to remove the information from www.speekee.com and, if necessary, to terminate your account.
  3. Keep yourself super safe! Never share your real name on the site, or anyone else’s for that matter. When you pick a user name, pick a made up name. Don’t submit anything that contains personal information about yourself or another person. Don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t, whether it is a real person, or a person you made up.
  4. Don’t cheat! Be honest and truthful. Don’t break the rules. Don’t try to get around the security measures that we may have in place on the site. Don’t try to interfere with someone else’s use of the site, or try to get or use their user names or passwords.


Lingua4 Ltd provides and maintains www.speekee.com for education and entertainment, on an “as is” and “as available” basis. Lingua4 Ltd gives no warranty in connection with www.speekee.com, including that www.speekee.com will work for a particular purpose. Lingua4 Ltd does not promise that the site will always be available, or that it will work perfectly. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Lingua4 Ltd excludes liability for any loss or damage of any kind arising out of your use of speekee.com, or any information, materials or other items you obtained from us, including without limitation any direct, indirect, punitive or consequential damages whether or not such arises out of any problem you notify to Lingua4 Ltd and Lingua4 Ltd shall have no liability to pay any money by way of compensation.


Lingua4 Ltd shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement and immediately remove, cancel or suspend access to and use of speekee.com for any reason, including if you break these Terms of Use, or for any other reason.

If you have a membership you can terminate your PayPal subscription at any time. We will terminate your access to the membership features at the end of the period for which you have paid.


We are unable to provide refunds for www.speekee.com.


All rights, including copyright, in the content of these webpages and www.speekee.com are owned or controlled for these purposes by Lingua4 Ltd. In accessing www.speekee.com, you agree that you may only use the content for your own individual, educational and non-commercial use. You are not permitted to copy, broadcast, download, store (in any medium), transmit, show or play in public, adapt or change in any way the content of www.speekee.com for any other purpose whatsoever without the prior written permission of Lingua4 Ltd. “Speekee” is a trademark registered by Lingua4 Ltd.


Access to Personal Information

Lingua4 Ltd will never sell or share your personal information with third parties unless it is required to fulfil your order or to fulfil another function which you have consented to.(Examples of this include the use of PayPal to process payments, and MailChimp and Mandrill to send emails). We use Google Analytics to help analyze how users use the site.


Our Cookie Policy is here.


Lingua4 Ltd may make alterations to the Speekee Rules or these Terms of Use from time to time. These changes shall become effective as soon as they are posted on this site.

This version of the Terms of Use was published on 30th December 2014.