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Introducing our Spanish FastTrack program for Homeschoolers! 

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For 4-7 year olds we provide a hugely popular 40 week program designed specially for Homeschoolers. It's called FastTrack and it costs just $7.50 per month. Every week there's a lesson with corresponding video clips, worksheets and other downloads. Taking just a few minutes, each activity accelerates your child's understanding and use of Spanish learned with Speekee. What do Homeschoolers themselves say about it?

It really works!

I was mostly interested in the FastTrack, which is a 40 week homeschool Spanish program with lessons! I figured we would like it but wasn't sure how much. We are going through a lot of changes this year and I wasn't really looking to add another subject to our day. I figured we could review it for a month or so and then put away for another year. Boy was I wrong. There's going to be NO putting it away, the kids LOVE it! Seriously, these two beg for the daily lessons.

by Carisa of www.1plus1plus1equals1.net

I loved that the program offers a FastTrack schedule for homeschool users. There are accompanying videos, flashcards, worksheets, and activity ideas for 5 days throughout each of the 40 weeks listed on the schedule. Honestly, if each family did every activity listed on the schedule, I have no doubt that the kids would have a very firm grip on their Spanish!

by Jenn of jennsraq.com

I absolutely LOVE that they include a study guide [FastTrack] with printable flashcards and projects! This helps drive home the Spanish with little ones. They certainly are like sponges at this young age and just soak up whatever you teach them.

by Tessa of mamasmithreviews.blogspot.com

Practical & user friendly

The activities were fun and helpful in reinforcing the words from the lesson. More importantly, the activities were doable with many of them being very simple but effective. It was easy to integrate our Spanish time into our day (even if we omitted some of the messier, craftier, more time consuming activities-such as making our own puppets).

by Lexi of lextinacademy.blogspot.com

The FastTrack curriculum plan! Speekee's creators listened to us and created a VERY user-friendly curriculum plan to accompany the Speekee TV episodes. I have found the perfect use for all the mismatched socks - we made Speekee puppets!

By Mom of momofmanybentzs.blogspot.com

Hands-on Spanish learning fun

FastTrack offers a really cool lesson plan that shows how to implement it and links the daily video. Awesome idea. This would work really well as part of a home schooling curriculum and is such a great thing. The info under FastTrack includes parent ideas like making sock puppets to help teach children Spanish.

by Lisa of ourcountryroad.blogspot.com

Each week, Cherry concentrated on a particular set of words through activity based learning. And in two weeks, Cherry was introduced to some basic Spanish words like "Hola", "Muy bien","Me gusta" and "Adios" meaning "Hello","Very well, "I like" and "Bye Bye" including numbers 1-5 and greetings. The whole journey was smooth with videos, fun activities, puppet play and songs. Also it is recommended that children don't need to get every Spanish words in the video right but all they need to concentrate is the repeated words including that's given in flashcards and worksheets.

by Uma of www.momscribe.com

Ready-made lesson plans

This is great for a homeschooling mom that doesn't want to worry about creating lesson plans.

by Vanessa of sassysmidgens.blogspot.com

Exciting and perfect for us [Speekee] also comes with "Speekee FastTrack" which is an already prepared set of lesson plans!

by Tricia of www.thecurriculumchoice.com

FastTrack is sort of a ready-made lesson plan that spans 40 weeks of lessons... you just follow the instructions. I really like that this option is available because I know lots of homeschooling moms who prefer for their lesson plans to be all ready for them.

by Wendy of wendy-homeschoolingblessings.blogspot.com

What FastTrack is is 40 weeks of lesson plans already done & organized for you! I love any curriculum that offers me laid out lessons plans.

by Jenn of www.treasuringlifesblessings.com

Spanish learning, little and often

There are 40 weeks in the FastTrack program, so it would take you about one school year if you consistently use Speekee each week. Not every week introduces a new unit, but each week you would watch at least one full episode. The following days, you would start at a specific spot (a link to that spot is on the FastTrack page) so that learning can be focused on a group of words for the day. Some days you might focus on action words, another day colors, and a third day description words. After watching the video, the lesson plans suggest an activity to allow practice using the words that the children just learned.

by Danielle of www.diydanielle.com

Let me tell you about FastTrack.  Each of the lessons is broken down and studied for four weeks, four times a week.  In the first week, you watch the full episode with your child. Then, on the next 3 days, you will focus just on one part of the episode - maybe the greetings, or role playing, or learning colors. Sometimes there is a PDF worksheet to complete, or suggestion to make one of the sock puppets. (Oh! that I could find a single sock right now; Levi would LOVE to make Lupi or Dino and has been asking me about it for a few weeks now.) I really appreciate that the boys are re-hearing the language (and improving their pronunciation) and practicing the language in little bits. Trust me, it is not boring.

by Alane of www.reapingaharvest.com

I am sure my boys have retained more because we used FastTrack just a little bit each week.

by Tara of homeschoolencouragement.com

FastTrack compiles four lesson plan activities per week and utilizes a spiral learning approach. Activities may include specific video segments to watch, pdf worksheets, skit ideas and flashcards to download. The activities generally take less than 15 minutes to complete and really solidify the Spanish words and phrases being learned. For example: The first day of our first week, we watched the full first episode, about 13 minutes. Then, we copied the word El parque on a sheet of paper. Next, they drew a picture of a park as suggested in Fast Track.

by Hope of www.homeschooling3.com

Homeschooler Kimberly Lacey reviews Speekee's FastTrack

Kimberly follows the complete FastTrack program for a whole year, and writes about her children's experiences from week to week. Read about their adventures here.

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