Speekee Spanish Worksheets

When it comes to learning a language we rarely think about where the learning will take place. My children were fortunate Spanish learners - they have learned naturally and effortlessly because they have lived in Spain since 2004. They are now bilingual siblings.

Obviously, this luxury is not afforded to the majority of parents who choose to give their children the gift of Spanish learning, so they must consider how best to maximise the environment they have at their disposal.

image from: https://adventuresinspanishblog.wordpress.com


Pictured above, another suitable learning environment in the home. These children are also learning Spanish with Speekee and you can see they are doing so without the use of video.

Without video??

Sure enough, Speekee is video based Spanish learning, but we've also created hundreds of worksheets to back up the learning. Can you make out the weather symbols in the photo below? They are found on a worksheet which doubles up as a game of 'weather dominoes' once you have cut out the symbols.

And the winner is...  


Meanwhile, here's a worksheet in which a black and white butterfly is transformed with a simple color-by-numbers exercise:

[images from mommymaleta.com]

Download this speekee_worksheet now for free! If you would like to know more about how the Speekee Spanish Worksheets can help your child learn Spanish then simply drop me an email: jim.porter@speekee.com

See you soon!


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