Spanish Months - Los Meses

Here's how to say the 12 Spanish months of the year

enero - January

febrero - February

marzo - March

abril - April

mayo - May

junio - June

julio - July

agosto - August

septiembre - September

octubre - October

noviembre - November

diciembre - December

Notice the Spanish months are not capitalized! These are example sound files from the lessons which complement the Speekee video series.

Learn the Spanish months with Speekee

To help your child learn the months in Spanish check out this fun arts and crafts activity called Birthday Wheels. Here's a video clip from the activity:

Your child makes 'birthday wheels' out of card; use plain white card if you like. Use a clip to fasten the two pieces of card together and allow the 'wheel' to turn. At this stage your child doesn't write any dates, just the months of the year. Spin the wheels and practice saying the months.

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