Spanish for kids

Spanish for kids is becoming more and more important, much as we at Speekee would expect as the world gets ever 'smaller'; travel between countries increases, jobs are sought abroad, and the internet's growth goes on and on. In short, language learning, and specifically Spanish for kids (our field of expertise) is a major advantage these days.

What is a suitable age for beginning the learning of Spanish for kids? At Speekee we reckon on 2 years old and upwards... Speekee's Spanish works for a wide range of kids: those who are very young and just like to watch the moving images (while soaking in the Spanish without even knowing it - that's the trick!); those who are a little older and are beginning to gets to grips with both their native language and - why not indeed! - another one (of course, with the child's mouth still getting used to verbalising thoughts, and not having yet 'got stuck' in one language, its flexibility allows for other languages to be learned - and not just learned, but learned properly); and then the older children, for whom the sight of their peers (the Speekee program deliberately features Spanish children of up to 12 years old) maintains a high level of interest in the video content.

"Spanish for kids" is a popular search term with Google. But is the searcher sufficiently discerning to make a wise choice for their child? Choosing wisely can be so tricky! Fortunately, at Speekee we don't just provide a great Spansh learning product for kids; we also back up that quality with customer service to die for (-; (-;

So if you have searched today for "Spanish for kids" it's time to give Speekee a try. Visit

Jim holding an orange
Speekee with Jim, showing how easy spanish for kids can be

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