Then and Now - Maggie from Speekee

Eagle eyed viewers will know that some of the children who appear in Speekee Series One also appear in the second series.

Can you name them?

They are: Joe, Victoriano, Ana Belén and Maggie. I asked Maggie a few Speekee related questions recently:

How old were you in Speekee 1?

3 years old, so I didn't say much!


How old were you in Speekee 2?

9. My Spanish was perfect by then because I moved to Spain when I was 8 months old, although I was born in England.


What do you remember from being in Speekee?

Filming on the terrace of our house with my brother [Joe]. Talking about how many boats there were when we were crossing the bay by ferry. Falling asleep when filming the haunted house episode because we had to wait for flamenco singers to stop singing outside! It was embarrassing filming at my school but the 'birthday spinning wheels' made us learn our friends' birthdays - thanks to Speekee!

How does it feel to have helped thousands of children across the world learn Spanish?

I feel honoured but it seems a bit hard to believe because it's online and so I don't directly see them.

Is Speekee a girl or a boy?

Not a lot of people know the answer to that one. Speekee is a she!

Is it difficult to film for a children's series?

No because it is scripted but when there are longer sentences to remember it is more challenging.

Would you take part in Speekee 3 if it happens?

Yes. It's funny to document how I have changed and developed over the years. Once a series is finished it's as if I am frozen in time!

What would you like to do when you are older?

Perhaps I will continue to be a language teacher (!) but I'm still very young to predict my future so who knows? At the moment I am very interested in Design.

Are you friends with any of the other Speekee children? Although we are from the same area I don't get to see the other Speekee children, only if I happen to bump into them. Like me, they have grown a lot!

What is it like living in Spain? Spanish people love singing and shouting - they may not be quiet but they make a lovely atmosphere always! I am sitting here with the fan on, so that gives you an idea of how hot it is in Summer.

Will you continue living in Spain in the future? What plans do you have?

I really enjoy going on holidays to England and in the future I would like to live there and study there, at Cambridge University if possible!


Thank you Maggie, my wonderful daughter!


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