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Looking for Homeschool Spanish Reviews? Enjoy this collection of reviews of Speekee's Homeschool Spanish programs by homeschoolers.

What makes Speekee a hit with homeschoolers? Some of the internet's most recognised homeschoolers and homeschool curriculum reviewers give their verdicts:

Speekee Homeschool Spanish Reviews: Confessions of a Homeschooler - on EFFECTIVENESS

I wasn't quite sure if it was working or not until my 5 year old turned around and said "Mom, to say 'I like' in Spanish you say 'Me gusta!'"

Speekee Homeschool Spanish Reviews: Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers - on IMMERSION

I've always heard that immersion is the best way to teach and learn a foreign language and you get that with Speekee. Everything is in Spanish with subtitles in both Spanish and English, so that kids (well, those who are reading) and their parents know what's being said, but they're hearing it only in Spanish and getting the concept based on the setting.

Speekee Homeschool Spanish Reviews: Spanish Playground - on STRUCTURE

Speekee structures their homeschool Spanish curriculum to help children learn effectively. Brief, consistent exposure to comprehensible language is the foundation of the program.

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Speekee Homeschool Spanish Reviews: Mommy Maestra - on VIDEOS

The videos themselves are fun and engaging. The kids are funny and speak excellent Spanish.

Speekee Homeschool Spanish Reviews: Hip Homeschool Moms - on WORKSHEETS

Each of the corresponding worksheets and activities are fun, helpful ways to reinforce and use the new words and phrases the children are learning!

Speekee Homeschool Spanish Reviews: One Blessed Mamma - on SONGS

The songs are catchy. My daughter's favorite is the Adios song. She walks around the house singing it all the time.

Speekee Homeschool Spanish Reviews: Cathy Duffy Reviews - on PACE

Since Accelerate targets children ages eight and older, the videos primarily feature children as actors and there are no puppets. As you would expect, lessons are more challenging in Accelerate. A new film segment is introduced every two weeks rather than every four weeks, so the pace is speeded up from FastTrack. A review is presented for the final activity of teach two-week unit.

Speekee Homeschool Spanish Reviews: The Homeschool Mom - on PUPPETS

There is a use of hand puppets to have interactive conversations and it is recommended to practice these conversations with the puppets, which is a nice idea for early learners to practice conversational Spanish on their own.

Speekee Homeschool Spanish Reviews: One Plus One Equals One - on FUN, FUN, FUN!

There's going to be NO putting it away, the kids LOVE it! Seriously, these two beg for the daily lessons!


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