Spanish false friend constipado

10 hilarious Spanish false friends

It’s easy to think we are the only ones who make silly mistakes with our foreign language learning.

But of course, it works both ways. And when it comes to ‘false friends’ (words that look similar in both languages but differ in meaning) trouble invariably ensues; not to mention the odd total communication breakdown.

Check out these comical errors made by Spanish speakers learning English…


1. Nope! Not Carpets. Carpeta means Folder

Spanish false friend Parientes

2. Two of those parents look suspiciously young. Parientes means Relatives

Spanish false friend constipado

3. Oops. Constipado means Blocked up

Spanish false friend bizarro

4. Well, maybe. He could also be described as Bizarro (Handsome)

campo spanish false friends

5. The camp?! No, across the field. Campo is Field

Spanish false friend arena

6. No sign of any fans or even an arena. Arena is Sand.

spanish false friends

7. A classic! We can’t see if she’s embarrassed but we can see she’s Embarazada (Pregnant)

Bookshop in spanish

8. Looks like a bookshop to me (Librería).

false friend largo

9. Long, more like. Largo

typical spanish false friend

10. They’ll just make it worse. Try the firemen (Bomberos)

I’ve been on the wrong end of at least one of these. I still remember the time when a Spanish friend, keen to practice her English, shared with me that she was ‘constipated’. Cue over concern on my part!

Have you got a funny story to share?

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Jim Porter is a co-founder of Speekee, where kids learn to speak Spanish together

Jim began his Spanish learning journey in 1990. He has been a language teacher since 1994 and he lives in sunny southern Spain with his two bilingual children. Loves it! More…