Halloween Lesson Plan for Primary Spanish Teachers (KS1, lower KS2)


Halloween! What do the children associate with Halloween? They can make a list which will include sweets and broomsticks and ghosts and more. Which of these items will they see in the short video clip? Play the clip below:

What did the Halloween kids say first in the video clip?

  1. "Sweets please!"
  2. "Trick or Treat!"
  3. "We are hungry"

Number 2, of course!

How did they say that in Spanish? "¡Truco o trato!"

Activity 1

Put different quantities of sweets in three separate boxes marked A, B and C. In teams the children nominate team members to approach the boxes, count the number of sweets and report back to their team by saying the number in Spanish. They will know the quantities in English of course, and those who may struggle to recall the numbers in Spanish can ask one of the stronger team members to translate for them. See if you can introduce the expression "¿Hay más?" (Are there more?) from the video clip during this activity.

Activity 2

The Spanish version of the classic nursery rhyme Incy Wincy Spider is "La Araña Pequeñita". Some of the vocabulary will be unfamiliar but this nursery rhyme is short and quite easy to memorise. If appropriate, point out to the children that "Subió" (It went up) is a verb in the past tense.

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