Cathy Duffy Reviews Speekee's Spanish Homeschool Programs

You can tell a reviewer is 'worth their salt' when they request to review not one but both of your Spanish homeschool programs. So it was with Cathy Duffy (pictured). Cathy Duffy is best known as a curriculum specialist, so states her website. As the author of the two-volume Christian Home Educators' Curriculum Manual (Elementary Grades and Junior/Senior High) she researched curriculum and methodology for all subjects and all grade levels. As the curriculum universe grew to be too immense for most homeschoolers to navigate, Cathy narrowed her recommendations down to the 100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum (published by Broadman & Holman in February 2005). In 2012, she updated it with 101 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum, and in 2015, the next update came out as 102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum (published by Grove Publishing) in both print and digital formats.

We are pretty happy with the fair, balanced and thoughtful nature of Cathy's review of Speekee. I thought I might save you the trouble of going through all of Cathy's review, hand picking out some of the most positive comments she shares with her thousands of website visitors each day. These comments are about the Speekee experience in general:

"Lesson plans and activities are very easy to access and use. Navigation is a breeze"

"Videos are entirely in Spanish, an immersion approach. That means children are exposed to a great deal of vocabulary in every video. However, they are not expected to master all of it"

"You can tell that a great deal of work went into the creation of the videos for these courses"

"The Spanish presented in Speekee occasionally reflects usage in Spain rather than Mexico and Latin America. For example, un bolí­ is used for pen rather than una pluma. However, such differences are minor enough that they need not be of concern"

"You can try Speekee for free for two weeks before subscribing"

These comments are specifically about Speekee FastTrack (for ages four through seven):

"The immersion approach used with this course exposes children to a great deal of Spanish"

"Students will gradually become familiar with more and more of the vocabulary"

"Along the way, children learn vocabulary that includes colors, counting, family members, clothing, food, animals, telling time, and much more"

And these comments from Cathy are about Speekee Accelerate (for ages eight and up):

"As you would expect, lessons are more challenging in Accelerate ... the pace is speeded up"

"Accelerate teaches quite a bit of vocabulary, but it continues to do so in a conversational, immersion style. There are occasional grammatical explanations within the lesson plans, but this is not a grammar-based course. Older children can start with the Accelerate course. It teaches the same vocabulary as does FastTrack but more quickly. It also incorporates the vocabulary into complete sentences so that children can begin to carry on rudimentary conversations in Spanish"

Many thanks Cathy!


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