Zaragoza is Spain’s fifth largest city, located in the north of the country:

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It is also where my sister lives, and I was there on a visit over the Christmas period.

It’s a long time since I have experienced the bustle of city life, living as I do in a town of 30,000 inhabitants – Zaragoza has 700,000.

The city has changed quite considerably since I lived there for 9 months back in 1992, especially since it began preparations to host Expo 2010, the theme of which was ‘Water’. As you might expect, a lot of money was poured into – excuse the pun – that internationally recognised event, and Zaragoza has benefitted greatly. Among the impressive changes I have noticed is a new tram system (so smooth!) and a network of cycle routes under the name Bizi Zaragoza, which is what you might desribe as a park-and-ride for bicycles.

But the highlight for me this year in Zaragoza was the start of filming for Speekee 2, and the very generous assistance of my niece Susie… the star of an episode which will feature the sights and sounds of this lovely city.

¡Gracias Susie!

Zaragoza, Spain
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