Where allegiance lies

Being the cheeky chappie that he is, yesterday evening my son Joe was walking through Arcos de la Frontera blowing his football horn and telling all the locals that he wanted Croatia to beat Spain. Somehow, he got out of there alive (-;

(His hoped-for victory didn’t come to pass. Nearly, but not quite.)

It’s not that he is anti Spain; more that he is aware just how well the current Spanish team can play the beautiful game of football. And it is fair to say that the adjective ‘beautiful’ is suitable when describing the football of this current crop of Spanish players.

They may not go on to win Euro 2012, but if they don’t we can at least say we have had the pleasure of witnessing a golden generation of Spanish footballing talent. Here in Europe, the names Casillas, Xavi and Iniesta just trip off the old tongue these days!

Image from eleconomista.es

For those of you unfamiliar with the world’s most popular sport (so easy to play, you just need a ball!) I’ll have you know that Spain has for so long been called the ‘underachiever’ in world football. Indeed, until Euro 2008 they had gone longer than England without winning a major tournament.

Longer than England?? Yes, the country of my birth won the World Cup in 1966… and nothing since.

Which brings me back to the cheeky chappie. As I say, he’s not anti Spanish (just as well; he lives in Spain). No, the reason he didn’t want Spain to beat Croatia is because his allegiance lies with England. Depending on tonight’s results England could be playing Spain in the quarter finals of Euro 2012. And knowing how good Spain are, the little lad wants England to avoid them for an easier path to the final!

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