When Speekee worked… for Spanish kids!

Don’t be fooled by the glum looking expression; this guy is Andrés Bautista and he is a very nice chap! Andrés worked for the now-defunct SierraVision TV service in Arcos de la Frontera, the beautiful town in which Speekee was filmed (and where I remain fortunate to be living!). He was one of the people I used to deal with when the filming of the Speekee episodes was taking place. What fun that period was!

Much of Speekee was filmed not just outside in the town’s streets, parks etc., but also inside the SierraVision studio (the image of Andrés is, as you can probably tell, taken from inside the control room).

You can easily imagine, then, why SierraVision – not a TV station blessed with a surfeit of quality programming – asked me one day if they could ‘borrow’ the DVDs of episodes and put them on local TV. And so… they did.

To put this into some context, we are not talking about Speekee beinig beamed around the world, but rather shown on a local TV station plus a few others nearby.

Anyway, the point of this story is to tell you about the warm reaction it received from parents and, more importantly perhaps, to point out that the youngest TV-watching Spanish kids here in Arcos were captivated!

Well, when we designed Speekee it was with non Spanish speakers in mind. I was not expecting Spanish kids to love it too! But they did.

And it was a chat with my new hairdresser yesterday which prompted this blog entry today, because he had recognised me from the program his daughter (now six years old) so loved.

Cool! Speekee works for Spanish speakers and non Spanish speakers. A double whammy!

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