Tivoli World

Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, theme park Tivoli World in Benalmádena was a big hit for this family! We were there last night (opening hours 4pm-midnight).

Entry is 6.95 euros per person, and once inside you can get a pass for 14 euros entitling you to have a go on most of the rides (around 37 in all).

Good rides! Here is a shot of Joe, Maggie and I after our hair-raising, body-soaking experience on the log flume.

From furrowed brows to smiles all round (-;

Joe started out front on the log, then we switched with Daddy having to face the drop first. We had to switch again so that poor Maggie wouldn’t be totally squashed at the back. So we know what order is best for next time…

… will there be a next time kids? Yes, I think so. You can’t fool me with that ‘Never again’ talk.

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