Thoughts on Customer Service

Just like everyone else I buy stuff from time to time, and I recently had a bad experience with a well known online retailer. It started as a very minor error on their part – these things happen sometimes – but what frustrated me was that after dealing with their customer service department for two months I was unable to get the problem resolved.

This got me thinking about the extent to which we deliver customer service at the level of quality to which we aspire. I’ve always been very proud of the quality of Speekee and I’ve been keen to match that with the quality of our customer service. I know however that occasionally we don’t get it quite right. For example:

  • Sometimes I can be a little slow to respond to emails
  • The phone isn’t always answered within three rings!

On the other hand, when we do email or speak to a customer, we always give personal service, and we always strive to resolve your question or problem. The Facebook page is developing into a strong Speekee community, and shortly this will be enhanced by the introduction of the Speekee forum.

Why I am writing about this? Well, when you get in touch with our customer service department, you are getting in touch with Jim or Aaron. We own the business, and we are only successful when all our customers are happy. So your query, comment or problem goes straight to the people who care most. 9 times out of 10 we’ll get back to you straight away. If occasionally it takes a little longer then rest assured that we are looking into your question and will respond soon. And maybe check your spam folder just in case our email has gone into there!

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