The Homeschooler’s Speekee Adventure – 8

Hi guys.  It’s me again.  Back for another update.  This was week 8 for us.

We watched “El Café” once again, as a wrap up.  Then we worked on review.  The most fun way for us to review was for me to give my girls pop quizzes whenever it would pop into my mind.  I would walk up to them and say, “Triste” and then wait for them to make the appropriate facial expression.  Or I would say “Frío” and watch them shiver.

Not cold (frío) but hot. A still from the song Hace Calor (It's Hot)

Other times, I would hold up my hands showing a small amount on one and a larger amount on the other, so they could go back and forth practicing “un poco” and “mucho”.  I found it to be great fun and I think it definitely makes a difference.

Have a great week,


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