The Homeschooler’s Speekee Adventure – 7

Speekee – Week 7

Another week of Speekee and lots of progress is being made.  We were still focused on the cafe and watched several clips from it to keep our memories fresh.

Our highlight was learning contento (happy) and triste (sad).

Learning the same vocabulary in Speekee - with fans!

I would call out either contento or triste and my daughters would mimic the correct facial expression.  Then I would make the faces and they would pick the correct answer.  My now 3 year old loved making the happy and sad faces.  My 9 year old took it a step further and drew a silly face that was happy one way and sad when turned the other way.  She had fun turning it the correct way, based on the word I called out.  These hands-on activities are key to helping the words stick in a little one’s mind.  Kudos to Speekee for the great activity ideas.

Have a great week,


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