The Homeschooler’s Speekee Adventure – 4

Speekee – Week 4

Another week complete and here comes our weekly wrap-up.  We re-watched Video 1 – “El Parque”.  Then we reviewed some of the things that we have learned the past few weeks.  We practiced greetings, introductions, counting, etc.  Our favorite review game was playing “CUIDADO!” One of us would pretend to do something dangerous (like holding an unlit candle) and the rest of us would shout, “CUIDADO!” My 2 year old kept asking to playing long after we were done.  She picked up on it so quickly.  My best “ah-ha” moment of the week was when my 2 year old was playing play-doh and began counting the play-doh tubs on her own in Spanish.  Wow, not only does she get it, she remembers it, and thinks of it on her own.

Have a great week,

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