The Homeschooler’s Speekee Adventure – 31

This is our final week at La Playa.  It has been a fun visit, as this was one of my favorite episode.  I printed out two Spanish fans using the Speekee templates and asked my 5 year old daughter to draw a happy face on one and a sad face on the other.  Then we took turns dramatically acting out whether we were “triste” or “contenta”.  We would put the corresponding fan over our face, such as seen in the episode, and then tell how we were feeling based on the fan we were holding… either sounding very happy or very sad.  My little girl thought this was so much fun.  Another activity was to print out postcard phrases in Spanish and see how many she remembered, then review the ones she didn’t.  I was surprised how many she knew already.  For the ones she didn’t remember, I would give hints by acting it out… like licking an imaginary ice cream cone or fanning my face to show how hot it is.  After just a little review, she was doing an awesome job on her own.  For a free practice, we decided to talk like Goldilocks’ three bears.  While trying to get the bath water “just right”, we would say “hace calor” if the water was too hot or “hace frio” if the water was too cold and then “perfecto” once the water was just right.  She thought this was a fun twist and enjoyed playing.  We have had a lot of fun at the beach and now we are off on our next adventure.


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