The Homeschooler’s Speekee Adventure – 30

As summer wraps up here, we are still hanging out at the beach… the beach on Speekee. We watched the video again to do some review; this episode is still one of my favorites. It is so fun and playful with swimming, sandcastles, and ice cream. My 4 year old daughter continued work on the extra activities included in the FastTrack. We played the song clip about different weather conditions without looking at the video and while listening carefully, we acted out each scenario from rain to snow and hot to cold. Next we reviewed some opposites that we have learned in various episodes, such as hot/cold and happy/sad. My daughter’s favorite activity this week was “What is in the bag?” I let her fill it with various items and while I asked ¿Qué hay en la bolsa? (What’s in the bag?) , she would pull each item out and name it in English until she found the ice cream cone, which she would name in Spanish (un helado).



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