The Homeschooler’s Speekee Adventure – 3

We had such a great time with Speekee this week.  Learning to tell time in Spanish was so much fun with our homemade clock.  I would ask my girls the time.  Then they would set the clock to a certain hour and then answer accordingly.  Such as “Son las Cuatro” or “Son las cinco”.  Their favorite activity this week was playing Traffic Lights.  They would go to one side of the room and I would go to the other.  Then I would say “verde” (green) for them to walk quickly, “amarillo” (yellow) for them to walk slowly, or “rojo” (red) for them to stop.  The first girl to Mommy was the winner.  We played it over and over.  My 9yo thought it was a blast.  And surprisingly, my 2 yo caught on very quickly even though I was speaking only Spanish.


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