The Homeschooler’s Speekee Adventure – 29

Week 30 and we are back at the beach, and what a beautiful beach it is.  This week we continue to work on our “weather words”, such as COLD, HOT, RAIN, and SNOW.  The song and skit for this is just adorable.  My daughter and I enjoyed watching and singing along as Speekee gets all warm and cozy on a cold day, just in time to take all of his winter gear back off for a hot day.  We then practiced an activity similar to Dino and Lupi’s sketch, based on our weather outside, which just happened to be RAIN.  This week also had an “I Spy” sort of activity, where we watched a scene about Joe and Maggie going to the beach.  My daughter had to watch closely, since questions could pop up at any time, such as “What color was the sand bucket?”  Since “I Spy” is a great hit with most preschoolers, this was a great idea for an activity.  Join us next time, as we enjoy another visit on the warm and sunny beach.



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