The Homeschooler’s Speekee Adventure – 27

Here we are at Week 27, hanging out at the bus station and still finding lots of exciting things to do.  The “I don’t know” game was so much fun for my little one. I would ask her questions to which she knew the answer was “yes” and questions to which she knew the answer was “no’.  Then her favorite part would come when I would ask some off-the-wall question, which I knew she wouldn’t know the answer to and she would get to reply with “No lo sé (I don’t know)”, most emphatically.  We also practiced vehicles and their colors some more, using the phrase, ¿Qué es? (What is it?).  My daughter enjoyed when I tried to stump her on the colors, having her say “No” or “Sí ” after I would ask if a vehicle was a certain color.  She was a sharp listener and soon decided to quiz me as well.  My 4 year old also enjoyed turning the activity into an “I Spy” sort of game around the house, locating items of a certain color, in Spanish of course.


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