The Homeschooler’s Speekee Adventure – 24

This week we made our last visit to the market, before moving on to our next destination.  We watched the video again to refresh our memories of some of the vocabulary and phrases.  Then we did some activities that my 4 year old enjoyed.  She watched the clip on colors with me; then, she enjoyed being quizzed on them to see how many she could remember and repeat.  We also played a fun review game, called “What’s in the Bag”, after watching the clip by the same name.  I decided to draw a variety of foods, instead of using real ones, and placed them in a paper bag.  Then, as my daughter pulled different ones out of the bag, we would review the Spanish terms for the food.  Once all the foods were out on the table, we practiced counting them in Spanish.  She thought this was great fun; and hours later, she said to me, “Hey Mommy, patata means potato.”  After Daddy arrived home, our 4 year old was proud to show off her counting skills also.  I love seeing that she is learning and remembering and having fun in the process.


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