The Homeschooler’s Speekee Adventure – 23

Week 23

My children are still visiting the market this week.  They are learning more fruit and vegetable names and practicing their counting.  Since one of the exercises involved pretend play of counting eggs, my 3 year old suggested we use some leftover plastic Easter eggs.  Perfect.  When it came time to review “patata”, which is of course, Spanish for “potato”, it reminded me of a silly American song.  It makes light of people’s insignificant differences such as how some Americans pronounce potato as “po-tay-to” while others pronounce it as “po-tah-to”.Well, apparently, it can also be pronounced as patata.  We could make quite the silly word game out of all these variations.

“Una, dos, tres patatas”

Next week will conclude our visit to the market. It has been a fun shopping trip.


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