The Homeschooler’s Speekee Adventure – 22

Week 22

Week 22 of our 40 week journey finds us still visiting the market, with its yummy fruits and vegetables. Through role-playing a Dino and Lupi sketch, we were able to review some of our food names, such as “Manzana” and “Naranja” … as well as our manners (Gracias) and conversation style speaking, like “Look” (Mira) and “Here you are” (Toma). I enjoy learning little differences between the Spanish and English language. For example, when Lupi hands Dino an apple, she says “Here you are” (Toma), whereas I would say “Here you go”. You may remember last week how we had to get used to saying “an apple green”, instead of our usual “a green apple”.

“Un tomate rojo”

We also watched a short video clip of Joe and Maggie shopping for ingredients and then returning home to make a delicious looking omellete.  As well as being able to review more food names, I liked catching a glimpse of a different lifestyle, with the subtle differences between the Spanish market and kitchen, versus the American market and kitchen.

Speekee isn’t only an introduction into the Spanish language; it is also an introduction into the Spanish culture and lifestyle.


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