The Homeschooler’s Speekee Adventure – 19

Week 19

We are still visiting an authentic Spanish classroom this week.  Our studies included drills on school supply names and colors, such as “Un boli rojo” (a red pen).  While learning to ask if someone has an item for us to borrow, we played along with a cute worksheet titled “What’s Missing”.  For example, I would ask my child (in Spanish) if she had any glue that I might borrow. Then she would answer (in Spanish) based on which items were displayed on her paper.  My 3 year old enjoyed having her own copy so that she could play along as well.  We also worked on terms for family members, using a word find that we printed off of the Speekee site and also some printable photos of the children’s family in the episode clip. Once my 10 year old knew the terms, we also used them in regards to our own family.  My 3 year old loves the movie clips and catchy songs.  My 10 year old enjoys the creative ideas for practice and review.


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