The Homeschooler’s Speekee Adventure – 10

Week 10 was a fun week.  We watched the video La Casa once again.  I liked
this one, as it focused on the home and words that we use on a regular
basis, such as toys and clothing.  We spent some time mastering “Grande, Muy
Grande, Pequeña, Muy Pequeña”.  We watched the video clip, filled out the
worksheet, and would drill at convenient times throughout the week.

Out of the blue, I would hold my hands far apart and say “Grande”, then I would
hold them farther apart and say “Muy Grande”.  By the end of the week, our 3
year old was doing this as well and thinking it was great fun.  I continue
to review terms from previous weeks to help keep them fresh in my daughters’
thoughts.  Again, out of the blue, I might start shivering and say “Frío” or
I might frown and say “Triste”.  I am finding the program to be flexible and



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