The Beth and Jim Conversations 9

[Beth]:  Jim, I have been wondering since first seeing SpeeKee, how did the character evolve, who makes him and his friends/amigos for your productions?

[Jim] Hey Beth. Thanks for asking that one.

I have to cast my mind back a way to remember how Speekee the character was born…

Many people ask if Speekee is a boy or a girl, and I give two answers: 1) Neither or 2) Both. We didn’t want Speekee to be gender specific (I trust that doesn’t sound too politically correct!); and to appeal to boys and girls. So in the script Speekee is once referred to in the feminine and then again in the masculine. Keen Speekee fans sussed that out early on (-;

The puppet was made by a veteran of BBC puppet shows. It was interesting… he said he wasn’t so much in demand these days due to the amount of cartoon programs which were surfacing in children’s TV. He added that puppets, such as Speekee, had a great impact on children and that he thought it a shame – not just because he was a puppet maker – that they had gone out of fashion.

Since then we have learned from experience that Speekee as a puppet sure does appeal to children – and over quite an age range (although the tiny ones do sometimes find Speekee a bit scary).

As for sock puppets Dino and Lupi, they are home-made creations (-; (-;

See you next time Beth!

[Beth]: I loved finding out about SpeeKee.  I tried so hard NOT to make BOCA (our hand puppet) a boy or a girl.  I tried not to ever classify him as a chicken or duck or bird – just simply BOCA, the language friend of children around the world.  But then, when I wrote the song Hola amigo/Hello friend we also teach amiga, and that is when I finally gave in and deemed BOCA a boy and deemed a Dollar Store parrot/bird puppet a girl / amiga for my performances!!!!!!


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  1. Beth Butler says:

    These conversations continue to be fun to be part of and I have heard from several Boca Beth friends that they enjoy the ‘behind the scenes’ peek into both of our companies’ world!

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