The Beth and Jim Conversations 8


¡Hola Beth! Tengo una pregunta para tí (I have a question for you)

Other than finding Boca Beth very easily on the Internet, what initially drew me towards your product was you and your amazing energy. I am wondering if you can put me and our readers in the picture… where does all that energy come from?!

[Beth] Thank you Jim / Gracias for your kind words about my energy!  My passion for Spanish as my second language is the driving force behind my endless energy to share my bilingual product line!  My philosophy is to help any parent and teacher who truly want to raise future generations of bilingual children.

It’s one thing to say, “Oh I wish I were bilingual.” or “Why didn’t I study that foreign language a bit more seriously in high school?”  It’s another thing to really appreciate the many benefits associated with knowing more than one language!

So, Jim and friends, I get FIRED UP when I get in front of a YouTube video camera, an audience of homeschooling families, or my weekly online show viewers!  I want them to realize we can no longer get by with a mentality of “one language is fine to get by.” I make sure that through my energy they become motivated to learn Spanish right alongside their English.  (That way is there is no room for the excuse of not being able to do this 2nd language introduction since I know the adult in the room speaks at least one of the 2 languages being spoken or sung in my DVDs or songs.)

[Jim] ¡Qué pasión! 

Speekee TV is available at – the first two weeks are absolutely free. Subscriptions are $7.50 per month thereafter, and you can cancel any time (-;

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