The Beth and Jim Conversations – 7

[Jim] ¡Hola Beth! I’m going to give you a week off this week by summarising the immersion tips for readers from our last conversation (-;

I’ll use Spanish as the target language in this case, but these tips apply to any second language you may want to learn:

– Learn Spanish at school / college / university

– Live in a country where Spanish is spoken

– Live with a Spanish speaking family

– Attend school with Spanish-speaking students

– Do an intercambio (exchanging English and Spanish conversation with a Spanish speaker who wants to learn English)

– Be fascinated by Spanish

– Watch TV in Spanish (especially programs with language content you are already familiar with – such as football matches, weather forecasts – so you can pick up the words and phrases faster)

– Keep a vocabulary book;
– Memorise the words and phrases you hear and think are particularly important to learn

– On returning to your country continue studying Spanish

– Maintain contact with Spanish people you met previously

– Maintain contact with people in your own community who speak only Spanish

– Start a business which involves Spanish!

– Marry a Spanish speaker!!

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  1. Beth Butler says:

    GREAT advice – EXCELLENT tips! Well done amigo Jim!

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