The Beth and Jim Conversations – 5

[Jim] ¡Hola Beth!

My two children Joe and Maggie were 3 years and 8 months old respectively when we arrived in Spain to begin a new adventure.

When Speekee was created they were old enough to play parts of their own in the program. Totally bilingual now, back then they were only just beginning to learn Spanish. So what more fitting way to show parents of little Speekee watchers that their children too can become bilingual than to highlight the fun Joe and Maggie were having as they were growing up in a Spanish environment.

So we incorporated into each episode a Culture Montage: short segments set to music in which Joe and Maggie are seen playing and learning…

Episode 1: At the fair
Episode 2: In the cafe
Episode 3: At home
Episode 4: At the zoo
Episode 5: At school
Episode 6: Making a tortilla
Episode 7: Vehicle spotting
Episode 8: At the beach
Episode 9: At a football match
Episode 10: A tea party

As I said, they are totally bilingual now. Observers say they are amazed at how Joe and Maggie switch from English to Spanish without thinking about it. After 20 years of exposure to Spanish, I simply cannot match their skills!

[Beth] Funny Jim ~ often times I take people so by surprise when I begin speaking in Spanish with such a near-native accent.  My former mother-in-law who was born in Cuba and father-in-law who hailed from Spain used to marvel at my love of their native language, culture and people (bueno…I married their son!).  

All three of my children have sung on various songs on our bilingual music CDs (the two boys from my Latino husband helped do the Spanish alphabet rap song – that was divertido/fun!)  My daughter from my new husband who is Anglo but as adamant as I am about the children being bilingual (if not more) continues to learn Spanish with Internet fun and will most likely take it in middle school this year.  Living in a predominantly English-speaking community the challenge is maintaining our Spanish as our 2nd language.

[Jim] I admire your love for the Spanish language, and your desire for others to learn it. See you next time, Beth!

[Beth] Happy Educating!  ¡Sea feliz educando!

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