The Beth and Jim Conversations 22

[Beth] So Jim, tell us about your most rewarding experience thus far developing and marketing Speekee and also your most challenging experience developing and marketing Speekee.

[Jim] Hola Beth.

Where’s the fun in business without the person to person aspect? It was a great priviledge in the making of Speekee to count on a group of local children who were and are an integral part of Speekee.

These 8 children from Arcos de la Frontera – you should see them now… haven’t they growwwwwwwwnnn! – are as much stars of the show as Speekee, or sock puppets Dino and Lupi.

We made sure not to overburden the Spanish kids with lines and lines to remember, nor did we ask them to perform any tricky acting maneouvres! And that paid off. Most Speekee viewers would agree that the kids look and act natural on the screen.

Oh, and incidentally, the voices you hear are their own, though dubbed over the originals due to poor sound quality initially. Note: the Spanish kids in this town, Arcos de la Frontera, have strong local accents – but you would hardly know from listening to them talk in Speekee.

So yes, it was a lot of fun working with children from the local community.

And the biggest challenge, Beth?

Would you be surprised to hear me say that the greatest challenge remains the same: how to sell more of the product?! Once a product is ready for market then selling it becomes the focus. With that aim we are regularly injecting new ideas to encourage customer loyalty, so ‘marketing’ is really a very broad term – it’s not just about finding new sources of customers.


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