The Beth and Jim Conversations 21

[Jim] Where to you see Boca Beth in 2 years? 5 years? Do you see yourself taking more of a backseat at some stage in the future?

[Beth] Very soon the Boca Beth web site of will take on a brand new look and with it we will be highlighting our digital downloads more and more.  As a footnote I must share this:  I recall starting Boca Beth in 2002 just about the time an article ran in our local paper about the phasing out of VHS tapes with the introduction of the new “DVDs.”  I stated to my husband that day, “There is NO WAY VHS tapes will go away – my target market of families with young children and educational institutions will NEVER get rid of their VCR players.”


So now, with the trend towards digital downloads becoming more and more apparent in both music and movies, we are preparing our company for the future – knowing that we will phase out all CD and DVD hard product sales.  Many customers ask, will we continue to sell the BOCA puppets, the maracas and egg shakers that are so adorable and safe and the bilingual coloring/activity books?  My answer is – I do not know!  Read on to find out why:

Currently I am looking to license our 50 Boca Beth bilingual songs to a curriculum company or a music-based children’s company that is searching for that missing bilingual musical component.  If I find a home for my Boca Beth bilingual beats I plan to then phase myself out of the e-commerce business and allow my legacy of passion for 2nd language learning to continue through my licensing agreement.

Unlike you and Speekee Jim, I am not looking to expand into other languages.  My focus has always been on Spanish and English only – providing customers the depth and breadth of my education and experiences in both languages.  Branching out into more languages just never was my vision for Boca Beth.

In fact, I always thought our product line would have a home in TARGET stores, but that has not come to pass (whether it’s the recession, the niche product line being too niche, or simply wrong timing – who knows?).

Over the next two years I will continue to conduct a limited number of toddler times with my music & movement fun in our local Tampa Bay area here in Florida, and I hope to continue training local educators and homeschooling families on the many benefits of raising bilingual children – using bilingual music such as mine and services such as Speekee to jump start these young brains to become lifetime language learners.

[Jim] As ever Beth, you are up front and honest with our readers (-;

You have reminded me that yours is a bilingual English-Spanish product whereas Speekee is Spanish only; I can see that branching out into other languages is not necessarily appropriate for you.

I will be most interested to hear about your progress with regard to licensing.



Speekee TV is available at – the first two weeks are absolutely free. Subscriptions are $7.50 per month thereafter, and you can cancel any time (-;

Boca Beth Bilingual Products are sold online at – we offer award-winning CDs, DVDs, coloring/activity books that are presented in both Spanish and English with FREE shipping available.


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