The Beth and Jim Conversations 19

[Jim] Being without internet now for three days in the office, I find myself frequenting an internet cafe in order to deal with all the essential emails. This leads me to wonder just how dependent we are as business owners on all things internet related, such as social networking sites. What have been your experiences?

[Beth] In the past people like us with a business, a brand, a product and/or a service used to rely on print ads and direct mail (you know – those junk mail things that arrive in your mailbox or newspaper and you wonder who in their right mind still pays to advertise in that vein?!?!) to communicate our message.  If we could afford it we would mix in some radio or TV for a bigger presence.

Now – with Social Media at everyone’s fingertips – we can create, monitor and change our messages and how they reach our potential customers with a click of a mouse.  Want to add a little more video presence on your web site as a business owner?  ¡No problema!

Get our your HD recorder or Flip Video (if you own one because they aren’t making them any longer over a Cisco) and create a cool promo spot within an hour.
Here’s the one BIG problem I have noticed over the past year:  There is way too much noise out in the internet world, and our potential customers are overloaded with information.  Now we need to stand out among the crowd and be noticed.

Let’s tackle THAT big challenge, and we win the race of entrepreneurship my friends / mis amigos.


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