The Beth and Jim Conversations 16

[Beth] I wish to stay in the same theme from your conversation with me last week Jim when you shared those wonderful testimonials from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. I find it so wonderful with social media that potential customers can learn about our companies by hopping on Google, Facebook, Twitter and blogs to learn about what REAL people think about our company’s products and services. Word of mouth has been the way the world shops for centuries – people telling people what they REALLY think about a place of business and how their family responds to their product / service.

Here at Boca Beth we have garnered hundreds upon hundreds of testimonials from children, parents, teachers and early childhood professionals who have had a chance to bring Spanish and English together for special little ones in their lives via my music and movement FUN!

We share them online at this link within our web site where you can even WATCH live testimonials via YouTube videos.

We also share testimonials gathered through a service/company called Rate Point.  Click here and look on the left side of our web site under the bright yellow box where it reads Customer Reviews.  These testimonials/reviews tell future customers what people just like them think about our Boca Beth bilingual CDs and DVDs!

I really enjoy this part of being a business owner!


Speekee TV is available at – the first two weeks are absolutely free. Subscriptions are $7.50 per month thereafter, and you can cancel any time (-;

Boca Beth Bilingual Products are sold online at – we offer award-winning CDs, DVDs, coloring/activity books that are presented in both Spanish and English with FREE shipping available.

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