The Beth and Jim Conversations 12

[Jim] Obviously, living here in the south of Spain I am surrounded by Spanish people, and so I have as many opportunities as I need to practice the language. Since you live in Florida, I wonder if you could explain to me and readers what sort of a Spanish community you have around you…

[Beth] I live in Tampa, Florida which reports 1 person in every 4 is of Hispanic/Latino origin.  That means I come across people EVERY day in my travels throughout my community who speak Spanish and kindly provide me the opportunity to practice my Spanish.  My neighbor is from Ecuador, and he comments often on how my Spanish is so fluid (and I believe he has made me his mission to maintain my fluency!).

We have a place in Tampa called Ybor City where a high Latino population lives, and their language and culture are reflected in all areas – be it the markets to shop for food indigenous to the Spanish culture, be it the restaurants and travel food buses that serve Puerto Rican fare to Mexican fare to Spanish fare and beyond!  It’s fantastic to live in a community where the two, Anglos and Latinos, exist on a very harmonious level.

I am humbled when my Latino friends and new acquaintances accept me and my efforts with my Boca Beth bilingual program…it’s as if they say to themselves, “Oye, if this blonde hair, blue eyed Irish/Greek girl loves our language enough to help little children learn it, then let’s give her a big BIENVENIDOS!”  And they do.

Happy Educating! ¡Sea feliz educando!

[Jim] Gracias, Beth (-;


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