Speekee TV on the Wii

In response to a question from a new subscriber to Speekee TV, here’s how to get Speekee on your Wii.

First you need to choose the Internet Channel. On my Wii this is over on the bottom left hand side of the screen, but the chances are it will be different for you, depending on how your Wii is setup.


On the next screen you just press “Start”, then choose “www”. Then use the Wii controller to type in the address www.speekee.co.uk/tv – the Wii pops up an on-screen keyboard that allows you to do this.


Finally, enter your username and password. Again, the Wii will let you do this using the on-screen keyboard.


Once you’ve logged in you’ll see all 10 Speekee episodes available to watch in full.

There are some limitations to be aware of on the Wii:

  • no subtitles (closed captions)
  • video is not available in high definition
  • your choice is limited to the 10 full episodes – so you’ll need to use a PC or Mac in order to get all the shorter clips, look at bonuses and see the homeschool curriculum.

Have great fun with Speekee TV on your Wii!


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