Spain’s top 10 ski resorts

On my recent trip to the lovely Lecrín Valley, I took the opportunity to drive up to the Sierra Nevada ski resort – one of the highest in Europe. Here I am surveying the scene:


No skiing for me but on this gorgeous sunny day I enjoyed watching the skiers glide down the mountainside.

You may not associate Spain with snowy weather but the recent cold snap, during which snow has even fallen on the Mediterranean coast, shows just what this country can be like in Winter. In fact, it snows a lot more in Spain than it does in the UK. You didn’t know that did you!

And with its various mountain ranges Spain boasts some great skiing. Check out this super helpful top 10 list of great places to ski in Spain:

top 10 ski resorts

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I remember skiing at Alto Campoo in the early 1990s.

Have you ever been skiing in Spain? Was it in one of these resorts? Do share your experience…


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