Solving the Homework Problem [Infographic]

Homework. Aaargh!

Last weekend my 12 year-old son was faced with a small mountain of revision to do before an upcoming exam.

And it struck me very quickly that there was a missing link.

Parent / Teacher / Child

A parent rightly expects the teacher to guide their child in the classroom. That teacher is the link between what needs to be learned and how to learn it.

However, it’s a different story when it comes to homework. Many parents are very proactive, skilled and have time to assist with their children’s homework tasks, but no parent should be relied upon to fulfil the role of the teacher.

But whereas for so long children have been left to ‘fend for themselves’ as they seek to merge the classroom with their home environment, they need do so no longer.

Technology to the rescue!

We are only in the early days of the technological revolution in Education – my son’s school is slowly beginning to embrace it – but there is no doubt in my mind that as acceptance for technology grows, so it will become a great help for children faced with otherwise complex homework tasks which neither they, nor their parents, could tackle without the teacher’s valuable homework problem

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Jim Porter is a co-founder of Speekee, where kids learn to speak Spanish together

Jim began his Spanish learning journey in 1990. He has been a language teacher since 1994 and he lives in sunny southern Spain with his two bilingual children. Loves it! More…

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