“Saints’ Bones”

The ‘Dia de todos los Santos’, on the 1st of November, is the Spanish Halloween. However the celebration in Spain is completely different to those in US or UK, as this is a commemorative day for families in Spain to remember their relatives who have passed away.

Saints’ Bones

A curious name indeed for these Spanish Halloween sweets traditionally made on November 1st!

Actually they do not have a definite ‘bone’ shape. There are more like beads that are coated with marzipan syrup, which is what gives that touch of white color. Formerly, only the interior was filled with a sweet dough yolk, but over the years it became more diversified and fillings can now come in all flavours, from traditional tastes like chocolate truffles or coconut, to more daring tastes like banana or raspberry.

This is a highly concentrated and ‘filling’ dessert. In Castilla it remains very traditional and comsumption is high on the key date, even though the price is quite high. This is because Saints’ Bones are still made by hand in the bakeries.


Marzipan (200g sugar, 150g ground almonds, 100 ml of water and icing sugar) and yolk filling (100 g sugar, 4 egg yolks and 50 g of water).

With the water and sugar prepare the strong syrup adding almonds to form a dough. Allow to cool. Furthermore, to make the filling, make syrup with water and sugar and, when ready, slowly add the beaten egg yolks. Introducing the mixture in a container and heated in a water bath, preventing it from boiling in the dough because it might break. Once it has thickened well, cool.

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