Puppets & Marionettes. Part 3

Speekee is a puppet and some of Speekee’s friends are too!!

In this last of our short series on Puppetry we look at the use of puppets in the Speekee program.

Speekee is a furry puppet or what is called Muñeco de peluche in Spanish; and in terms of type, it is classified as a human arm puppet.

Speekee was put together by master puppeteer Neil Sterenberg. Neil has been producing puppets for the UK television industry for nearly 20 years and his work includes many well loved characters.

Speekee’s skin is dark purple and he wears an orange tee-shirt. Speekee always has a lively expression and a very dynamic look; he has bulging eyes and a friendly smile.

Speekee is an amusing character who takes children on a fascinating journey of various Spanish experiences (the house, the park, the market, the verbs, the fruits, the cafe etc.) The clear elocution of the sentences in Spanish and the use of nice and catchy songs and visuals make the journey a process full of fun for children who are, without even noticing, learning ‘the essentials’ of the Spanish language.

Speekee becomes a new friend for children and their best friend when it comes to the learning of the new language.

Speekee has also some puppet friends. They are called Dino and Lupi and they are sock puppets. They are very animated. They talk between themselves and always end saying:“Te quiero”, I love you.

Speekee has also human friends too; Antonio, Marina, Antonio, Nieves, Juan Miguel, Ana Belén, Lucía and Jim. Some of these feature in episode one as marottes, or what you might call stick puppets.


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