KS2 Spanish Resources for Teachers (look no further!)

Have you been searching for resources to help you teach KS2 Spanish? Are you looking for a one-stop solution or an add-on to your existing resource bank?

Speekee’s got it covered!

Our massively updated Scheme of Work is available now at www.speekee.com/teachers

  • 100s of video clips and full Speekee episodes
  • 100s of activities for the specialist and non specialist teacher

How does Speekee work for you?

The basis for the learning is the video content featuring real Spanish children speaking clear and simple Spanish. To back up the Spanish learned we provide 100s of fun activities for the classroom. It’s such a simple formula… maybe that’s why it works so well! And there’s much more to this Scheme of Work than meets the eye, as you’ll find out when you get started.

Visit www.speekee.com/teachers to try out the new resources now.

KS2 spanish resources

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