How Speekee TV watchers leave feedback

Subscribers to Speekee TV receive an email from us when they unsubscribe, asking for their comments on the Speekee TV experience.

About 30% of users kindly reply with their opinon, which helps us improve the product and plan for the future.

Here are some comments we received today:

1. What made you cancel your Speekee TV subscription? For example: too expensive, not suitable, too young/old for my child, we came to the end of the course.

The videos were great! The songs worked, helping them learn some Spanish. The lessons, however, required more attention from me than the time I have to give them because they require higher reading skills than my 5 and 6 year old have at this time. I was using this as an independent project they can do, when I really should have been sitting down with them, the video, and the accompanying lessons.
They watched the videos twice, then they were “done.”  I didn’t do a good job convincing them they didn’t really KNOW Spanish yet! Basically: my fault.  If I spent more time with them on the Spanish it would work.  I just haven’t figured out how to fit it into my homeschool day yet with me involved as well.

2. How could we improve Speekee TV?

Maybe more videos? (The kids got through the videos and thought they were “done” because I hadn’t utilized the lessons included.  More formats for emergent readers? But you can’t please everyone. I think it’s really a neat program, actually.

3. Have you any other comments?

I hope to come back to Speekee next year if that’s okay.  I am so thankful for the monthly pay ability.  It enabled me to try Speekee for 6 weeks at a reasonable cost.

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