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Below, the feedback we received from three testers of Speekee for the 2012 Teachers’ Choice SM Awards for the Family, plus our comments on those comments!

What aspects of this product did you like the most?

Tester 1. The videos are geared for children enjoying learning to speak Spanish.

Tester 2. My family enjoyed the video aspect of the program. It is engaging to children and a fun way to practice language. Where do I begin?! This was a terrific product – I loved the lessons as they engaged children to want to learn Spanish. The lessons repeated certain aspects so that children could quickly learn Spanish phrases and know what would come next.

Tester 3. The lessons were all ones that children would find motivating to watch! It was a lot of fun to participate in and learn from. I liked that you could choose to have the Spanish translations.

Our comments: Many more videos and activities to come in the Summer. Plus so much more (read on)

What would you recommend to make the product better?

1. Directions and suggestions on the best ways to watch and learn with age ranges.

Good point. We will bear this in mind for the upcoming changes to the Speekee website

2. It would make it easier to navigate through the program with a little more explanation on the sidebar on how to get to the next level. It has a nice part to review information and is very clear in that aspect.

Yes, this will be cleared up in the changes to come, through explanation if necessary

3. I am not really sure what I would select to make the product better.  I really enjoyed it.

Did you find the product interesting or motivating for children? Please explain.

1. Yes. My kids enjoyed picking up the words or phrases they remembered every time they watched the videos.

2. My child was motivated to use the program and repeat the language.  He found it fun and funny.

3. I liked that they used real people and puppets for variety. I liked the places or events that they selected for their lessons. I liked that the repeated phrases numerous times to help you comprehend what they were trying to teach us.

Did you find the product interesting or motivating for children? Please explain.

1. Children will learn to recognize and speak Spanish words and phrases.

2. The program focuses on verbal and reading communication in Spanish.

Especially verbal

3. Once again where to begin- colors, numbers, clothing, activities, songs, people, animals, simple phrases. There was so much being taught throughout each lesson!

And there’s much more of this language to come, along with new language… but as always we shall be maintaining simplicity of language and its presentation. For example, verb forms will be expanded upon but the ‘introductory’ feel will remain, so the never gets unecessarily complex. It is vital that learners of different levels and ages can keep up with the language theye are presented with, for those that cannot do so are left behind – and that’s not fair on them!

In addition to the videos we’ve got some great new interactive features to come, including putting learners in touch with each other – all in Spanish of course! We think this is massively going to increase the learning.

If funds were available, would you recommend parents buy or use this product to with children at the appropriate grade / age level? Please explain why or why not.

1. Only if you could have suggestions by age range to go with it. I think I figured what worked best for my children, but other parents might not be able to.

Our aim with the coming changes is to make site navigation obvious by using age-appropriate ‘signposting’

2. If funds were available, I would recommend this product to families. I know that half of my class is learning Spanish as a second language and could benefit from this program, and I would recommend this to their parents.

3. Yes! My son and I totally enjoyed learning Spanish from these lessons! Certainly for beginning Spanish learning children this is an excellent product for anyone! Thank you for letting me have the chance to try it out!

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