We are in that protracted period now with day after day of Andulasian heat. Temperatures are regularly hitting 40C. Oh, and I can’t recall any rain since May.

This morning I got talking with a couple from Écija, which is not too far from Arcos de la Frontera. I was reminded that Écija is known as the hottest place in the whole of Spain.

Here are some Écija facts:

– not just the hottest place in Spain, but in Europe!
– in recent times the highest recorded temperature in August has been 46°C
– the highest temperature ever recorded there is 49C (July 9, 1959)
– lies in a region known as La sartén de Andalucía (“The Frying Pan of Andalusia”)
– located in a valley, between Seville and Córdoba
– known as La ciudad del sol (“The city of the sun”)

Écija. Image from http://www.ecijataxi.es/ecija.html


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