Corey Heller of

Every once in a while someone comes along and you just know that person is 100% genuine.

Corey Heller is one such person.

Doing business is not meant to be boring, and while it’s not always a great big laugh either, it IS always a joy, for me at least, when I get to deal with people like Corey. She is the real deal, and she is very passionate about what she does.

Corey promotes the benefits of bilingualism at

Her website has gone from strength to strength over the years – I know, I have been watching it grow – and I feel sure that her enthusiasm for the cause is what is driving it to ever greater successes.

Speekee is delighted to anounce that we will shortly be advertising on MultilingualLiving. It will be a pleasure I am sure – and another welcome source of new customers to enjoy our great product.

On a personal note, I want to thank Corey for all our chats so far on this journey. May there be many more ahead my friend!

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