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In defence of Muzzy’s unusual plot

You may have heard of a late American comedian named George Carlin. Highly skilled in his art form, he propounded an anti establishment mantra through unrelenting acerbic wit. Look him up on YouTube and you’ll...


6 Animated Spanish Movies for Kids

For the filmmakers, one of the advantages of animation is that you can put the movie into any language you like without it losing any of its substance – a sure way of increasing...

Chloe (age 7) talks about Speekee Accelerate – Spanish for Kids

Chloe (age 7) talks about Speekee Accelerate – Spanish for Kids

Thanks to Kelly Thornhill and to her daughter Chloe for posting this video! Check out Speekee Accelerate here.


Jill Stanish reviews Speekee Accelerate

Over the last 10 years of homeschooling my 6 kids, we have tried multiple Spanish programs including computer programs, workbooks, and DVD courses. Speekee has been the most entertaining, while fostering the most interaction...


Celebrating 10 years of Speekee!

There’s no great fanfare over here at Speekee Central but we’re quietly proud of the achievement: 10 years in operation! I still remember quite vividly the wildly creative brainstorming process in early 2006 – those reams...


Does a single letter make all the difference?

Take a look at this: What do you notice first? The people, the backdrop, the blackboard? You may recognise two famous YouTubers on show. Yes, it’s Zoella (10 million subscribers), boyfriend Alfie (5 million)...


Spanish videos for children, Speekee style

You’ll know by now that Speekee is video based Spanish learning. Yes, the videos – there are 41 of them – form the ‘bedrock’ of your child’s Spanish learning, but should they be perceived...


Listening with a Mind’s Eye

Play this sound clip: What was it you just heard? A seagull perhaps? Yes! It was definitely a seagull wasn’t it! You even ‘saw’ that bird through your mind’s eye. You actually pictured a...

song learning

Teaching Spanish through Song

Doesn’t that work well! Here are just some of the reasons why: Songs are great for language learning (you know how quickly you memorise song lyrics in English; the same applies in Spanish) The...

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